Surfacing Options

Whether it be Concrete, Asphalt or Chipseal - we can help you choose a suitable surface for your next project.


Chipseal is an effective and cost-effective form of surfacing. Surfaces are constructed by evenly distributing a measured application of hot bitumen onto a suitably prepared and compacted base and then embedding graded aggregate into it. The aggregate is evenly distributed over the sprayed bitumen and then rolled. Chipsealing is ideal for:



Using Asphalt in pavement construction and maintenance can improve the benefits for all users while also improving kerb appeal. Asphalt is safe, effective, smooth, strong and durable. A driveway paved in asphalt can last for 40 years or longer if correctly maintained.

Your new Asphalt finish will start off black and in time will turn a darker shade of grey.  Once your Asphalt driveway, carpark or road has been laid you are immediately able to use/drive on your new surface.


Sealcoat is a micro-surfacing sealant designed to extend the life of existing bitumen surfaces. Sealcoat, once dried, leaves a thin layer of ultra-hard yet flexible bitumen protecting your pavement and bringing back your kerb appeal. Think of the reasons to paint your home: the same applies to your Asphalt surface.

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