Driveways & Vehicle Crossings

We have all the specialist equipment and operators needed to construct your driveway & vehicle crossings from start to finish.

The decision between different surface finishes for your intended driveway usually depends on the setting, the distance to be paved and therefore the cost or the type of finish required that best suits the setting.


Proseal are fully equipped to construct your driveway and achieve an efficient, high quality and superior result.

A driveway paved with Asphalt can last for 40 years or longer if properly maintained. Discuss the proper care and maintenance requirements with the specialists at Proseal. Asphalt is durable, resilient and low-maintenance. The process of proper installation requires heavy equipment and in-depth knowledge and experience on how to achieve the best results.

Conversely a driveway in Chipseal can be a cost-effective option to consider and provides character and a safe surface in any weather. Chipseal driveways and carparks have become the surface of choice when surfacing driveways or carparks that would be cost prohibitive due to size, length or setting. Chipseal is the most common type of road surface in New Zealand. Economical, flexible and hardwearing, it provides an adaptable, cost-effective and safe surface for road users.

Vehicle Crossings

The first stage of constructing a vehicle crossing is to file a Vehicle Crossing Application with the HDC (Hastings District Council). You can read more about this process on the HDC website or go directly to the application form by clicking here. Once returned to you from council, the Vehicle Crossing Application will have a list of approved contractors for you to choose from. You will find Proseal on this list.  

An Engineer from the HDC will then select a Set Diagram Construction Plan determining if your vehicle access requires installation of drainage. Generally, if your vehicle crossing is urban it will be of concrete construction. Rural vehicle crossings will be your own choice of finishes, whether that be Chipseal, Asphalt or Concrete.

All earthworks and drainage will be taken care of by our team. Proseal is the leading contractor for driveways and carparks in Hawke's Bay and the Central North Island.

While other companies depend on separate contractors for the excavation and preparation work, Proseal provides an end-to-end service to achieve a seamless, durable and high-quality result for your project.

Our team will be happy to visit your site to provide a free assessment, quotation and advice on the best approach to construct or repair your driveway or vehicle crossing.

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